Top 7 Tips for IELTS Reading Test

Monday, April 01, 2013

There are number of important points you should adhere on to do well in the reading test.

ielts reading tips

Never Ever Read the Passage First
Never ever waste your time and effort at studying the passage first. You will discover more and more people who employ more time on reading passage and at the end of one hour they find responding not more than 5 questions within a section. You do have a much better prospects for finding the answers on focusing questions first. This studying habit of  passage isn't going to judge your reading but it will focus on how many answers you gave correctly You might should not rely on your understanding of the passage meaning, rather you should depend on the understanding the question first and then find out the answer in a specific space of the paragraph.

Read every single questions several time
You should attempt to scan every single question four times as an alternative to studying every single section of the paragraph four times. You will then possibly could comprehend the keywords specific to the problem and there is a excessive probability that you will find the answer simply in the passage.

Group the nouns along with underline the verbs
Quite a few candidates concerning the IELTS exam can quickly graphs the important keyword in the question to search for answer. To develop the skill of identifying key words or phrases, you can highlight nouns along verbs which are specific to the question. This not essential to do, nonetheless it will significantly boost your skills of finding the keywords.

Skimming with Scanning
I know it is the most difficult speed reading skill to skimming along with scanning to quickly get to the point in the passage where the answer lies. You have to train your eyes by reading as many passage you can in newspaper and IELTS practice books.You might just start off studying the question having identified the keywords and then speed up the reading passage to find that keyword.

Identical words
This can be a crucial proficiency which you need to build in order to response tasks the right way. A candidate may not find the selected keyword in the passage because either they don't know the meaning of the word or maybe they don`t know the similar word of any selected word.

Academic Vocabulary
A lot of people simply read the passage and they have great problems in understanding of the passage. By far the most struggle intended for a person is to be aware of the academic words. There's no stage of finding the keywords if you cannot comprehend all of them. Be the thinking I've been being concerned about the stage in which people who have very poor vocabulary stock so they can't acquire desired band simply because they would not perhaps be able to apply the tips along with strategies for poor vocabulary.

3 Lines Preceding & Succeeding
For those who have identified the keyword phrase, you've already carried out a great task. Now just locate the phrase in the passage. Generally the answer will lie within 3 lines of sentences before or after the key phrase. This technique suggests that you constantly look for the keywords in the passage by scanning and find the answer by skimming sentences around located keyword.