How to Re-examine IELTS result?

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sometimes a candidate may think the test result is unfair, it deserves to be higher. In that case, there is a option for rechecking the score.

Re-check IELTS Result

But, there is a Fee to apply for this inquiry which is roughly half of the test fee.  There is also a deadline. You need to apply for correction within six weeks after the test date.

To do this , simply go to your test center and ask for IELTS RESULT INQUIRY FORM. Fill that form and pay the fee.

Your test paper, your writing or your tape recorded during the Speaking test will be re-checked by a different examiner – not the one in your local test center, but by a trained clerical marker (for Reading and Listening answers) or a Cambridge ESOL-appointed Examiner, employed by the British Council or IDP.

So, Wait for your answer back within 6 weeks from the day they receive it at Cambridge.
You will be refunded if your IELTS test score change after the re-checking.