IELTS Preparation Books

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Most IELTS books available in the market today’s offer enormous volume of practice Tests that are either too hard or too easy to understand. And most of them are not in official standard.

Fundamentally, most IELTS books do not vary that much but when it comes to official standard and the strategies which are more detailed and complicated  to maintain in each book.  

ielts preparation books

Some books do not offer any techniques or strategies on how to go about in answering the questions and  you can always choose not to buy them.

The two big bodies that administer worldwide IELTS are University of Cambridge ESOL Examination and British Council. These two organizations have published a number of books that all written in official standard. 

To avoid any immature trap, everyone should practice from these sources.  But, a easy going IELTS study guide is not that easy to find in the market.

In this link you can find IELTS books published by British Council and Cambridge.