A Short Technique to Score High in the Writing task-2

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Do you know the most important thing that can sore your score high in IELTS writing? There may be just one thing necessary to impress the examiner, which is a clear point of view.

IELTS task-2 essays are too broad to be answered, thus, think about at least 250 words in 40 minutes. What could be more painful than presenting a topic in writing which may be too confusing to answer. 

The easy way is use a knife to cut a slice out of a pie, divide the whole question in a number of segments and think about each sections. For example, The question: Capital punishment is forbidden in many countries of the world. 

You can divide this line into segments like: capital punishment, countries in the world and then think about why capital punishment was introduced in the legal system and it`s effect on the society during last couple of centuries. 

ielts Writing task-2

Ask yourself question like moral, democratic or judicial issues behind practicing capital punishment.

Depending on your role in the society, your answer would be different. It is universally acceptable that the point of view of a scientist would be different than a politician.  

Don`t you think it is better if you present yourself in the paragraph of your essay. In that way the examiner will first be aware about what type of person you are and then judge your writing from that perspective. 

Like if you say: I am an environmentalist by profession and the issues of air pollution in urban areas have struck my concern again and again.

There are some questions in IELTS writing task-2 where the answer may touch the writers sentimental values. 

If you are a policemen by profession and you are writing about what should be done preventing crime in our society, there may be thousands of points you can suggest there. But, if you are a nurse by profession, the answer may be tough for you. 

So, think it in your own professional ethical point of view which is taking care of patients. Look after can be paraphrased as counseling, that says criminals need to be guided properly with councilor to  get away from criminal activities and instead do good to the society. 

Now, you will see your mind will open to hundred of new points focusing around this word “counseling” and eventually it would be easy for you to write the essay.

So, by presenting your background in a short sentence in the easy would increase the relevancy of your writing and you are honestly presenting what you know best. What could be more impressive than that to boost your score in IELTS writing task-2.