How to Get Higher Band in IELTS speaking

Saturday, April 06, 2013

The golden tips in just speak; speak as naturally as possible without hesitation and interruption. You will lose 0.5 points to remain silent for 10 seconds.

But if you are not living in a English speaking country, you may not have to face a situation to speak for 3 to 4 minutes without any stop. That means fluency, not to remain silent while speaking.

Speaking is an art. It’s a continuous flow where you think at the same time utter in word or express those ideas in meaningful, understandable sentences.

IELTS Speaking High Band

Think of a children, closely examine a child..How he or she is learning speaking. First, they just mimic what others say around them without clear knowledge of what they are saying.

They just speak; most of those sentences are non-complete. Later while growing up they minimize that fault by comparing their speaking with other persons. This may the only universal answer of a most asked question-How can I speak fluently? Start with mistakes and correct as you go.

However, IELTS speaking is comparatively easy than speaking in an open forum. Because, there are some common topics asked in this test. Learning key vocabulary and some common expression would help a lot to be successful in the test.

So, familiarize yourself with the kind of questions that could be asked like personal questions and cue card topics. For the long run, just grasp some common structures to answer any opinion, speculation or personal view.

Coming to point of naturally speaking, use intonation like raise voice in uttering important words, pause in between arguments, pronounce each word clearly and keep the pace at normal speed. Download talk shows like David Letterman or public speech, ex, Barack Obama or David Cameron to accentuate formal speaking. Avoid monosyllabic answers like 'yes' or 'no.'; rather extend it with examples and arguments.

Focusing on grammar is also assessed here. So, use complex and compound sentence structures while you speak. Do not use idiomatic expressions too much. Give your best manner to impress the examiner like saying thanks at the end of the test.

Don’t gesture with your hand a lot while speaking, it may look aggressive. Try to make your speech as enjoyable as possible by not introducing any silly personal topics about any person or thing. Try to give generalized view on everything…nobody likes to listen controversial sensitive matters.

Attend any public forum to speak on any topics in English like international film/art festivals in your country. Go and speak with English speaking people employed in your country like British Council, International Organization by growing a modest relationship.

Don’t get frightened while examiner interrupt you while speak, because they are instructed to do so to maintain the time constraints. All you need to do is to be able to arrive at the right answer  at right time.