How to Prepare for IELTS Speaking with Fun

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More than million candidates all over the world are taking IELTS exam each year and most of them are not living in a Native English environment. 

Think about yourself living in UK and have plenty of opportunity to practice speaking with native speakers. Not everybody gets that lucky and have to live in a tottering condition. What about put some fun to get rid of this problem.

ielts speaking with fun

I think music would be a best option to wind you up. Does it sound so easy? If so, it is easy. Learning a song could become a real asset for your IELTS speaking test. Take Jhon Lenon`s “Imagine” for example. 

What a simple and beautiful song it is with deep philosophical point of views that can fuel up your argumentative spirit of mind.  Memorizing and singing an English song could work like a medicine if you follow the next 10 steps:

  1. First, you need to choose a song that best fits you. Ask your teacher or friends to help you in this choosing. They can help you to select the right one that can go with your personality and at the same time it can be entertaining as well.
  2. Next you need to download the lyrics from Google. Just enter the name and artist of the selected music with added keyword “lyrics” in the search box, you will definitely find the whole lyrics.
  3. Save the lyrics in a word processor file of your computer or print it straight away but never start to memorize it.
  4. Print off the lyrics. But, do NOT start to memorize them yet! There are four more steps you need to follow before you begin memorizing anything.
  5. Find out the unknown words in the lyrics and check their meaning from online dictionaries. Get ware of the meaning of a word that comes in context.
  6. After you get clear about all the words, try to understand the meaning of the song as a whole. Discuss it with your teachers or friends to get the whole picture.
  7. Music is a great presentation of literature. I mean when it starts from rural folklore to the modern era. It always have a glimpse of English culture, life-style and philosophy. You are literate means, you understand complex literature like satire, irony and it makes you unparalleled with most of English speakers, You will obviously sounds more academic, literate and scholar. Think of a lyrics “And objects in the rear view mirror / May appear closer than they are /” by Meat Loaf. Does it convey any inner meaning, if so, what it is? Judge your selected song lyrics with any metaphoric meaning and discuss it with literate persons around you.
  8. Focus on pronunciation or accent. Try to utter each word separately with clear voice and then speak aloud each sentence in a normal pace...not too fast or not too slow.
  9. After all these steps, it come to the memorizing step. Say again and again each sentence of the lyrics until you memorize the whole one, Set a target time to finish this process.
  10. If you are familiar with the term Karaoke music; it is music without lyrics. Download the Karaoke sound (mp3) of your selected song from the same process you used to download lyrics from Google.
  11. Play the karaoke music in your computer and  sing the song with your lyrics. Perform and enjoy yourself. Your pronunciation will improve and you will get rid of the hesitation to speak in English.