How to Score Well in the IELTS Reading Test

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

In a academic environment, the most frequent skill one need to face is reading. So, it is not a surprise that IELTS test will examine your ability to read deeply and with this it will flush your academic skill intelligently to the world. 

Imagine, in a university environment, you have to read hundreds of articles to produce just a piece of assignment paper. In this circustances, it is always the time constraints that will stuck you and all you need to demonstrate the quick reading skill with proper understanding

Score well IELTS Reading Test

You will also be surprised to know that the IELTS academic reading module is so concrete that The Government of Hong Kong use reading score for job application screening. So as the universal acceptance of IELTS as a sing of one`s language skill is beyond any question.

IELTS academic reading test dosn`t only focus on only academic papers but also includes newpaper articles and books. All three passages are fairly in high level and vary with different topics like science, history, real world views etc. 

The reading passages may contain specialized topics but could be understandable to all types of readers. The argument presented in those passages would be simple to complex, some are not very easy to go with, or filled with complex argument to make it difficult to answer questions and it is done intentionally to assess candidat`s skill level close to Band 9.
  • Time is the Enemy: 1 Hour total time with 3 passages on 40 questions. If you have 40 minutes to answer 40  questions, that means 5 minutes to read each passage and 5 minutes to tranfer the answer to the answer sheet.
  • Familiarize yourself with question types: If you acquire this from mock test, you will not get puzzled during the original test.There are 8 types: multiple choice, sentence completion, short answer questions,classifying, yes/no/not given,  labeling paragraphs with headings, labelling a diagram and completing a summary.
  • Get to know the skills: Each question type can be solved using some techniques and you need to know those.
  • Understand test taker`s intention: One of these three passage would be very hard to read. Generally it is the last passage but it could be the first one as well. The difficulty level of question in each passage increases progressively as well.
  • Locate the words and synonyms: Most of the time you will find the exact word in the question and in the passage, but in few cases you will be puzzled with synonyms. So, be aware of that.
  • What is paraphrasing: It means the passage is saying for example: In Australia the weather is drier in summer than any continent of the world. In question: Australian summer is the driest of all parts of the world. These two sentences convey the same meaning.
  • Listen to the Question: Don`t write 4 word answer if the question says: write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS
  • Don`t Forget the Answer Sheet: Suppose you have done well in the reading part and score Band 4 in the test. Why, because you can`t put all the answers from question paper to the answer sheet!