How to Write to get 7+ band in the IELTS

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

There is no doubt about the widespread recognition of IELTS in today`s world. A few years from now US Universities are also accepting IELTS and the trend surprisingly upward now. 

What`s behind this popularity of the test? It`s the test structure itself where you will be tested in all essential aptitude about English Language: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.
Write at band 7 level IELTS

In the writing part of IELTS (academic), the ability to write academically is testes that means it is similar to the writing level of universities, ex. analyzing report data, table, chart and writing essay. 

The test about  an hour long and it is divided into two parts: Part 1 - Describing Graphical Data (150 words) and Part 2 - Essay Writing (250 words).

Writing tips for Part-2 Essay:-
  1. Notice there are 2 section of the question. A general background essay and a more specific question.
  2. So, don`t just write about the general issue, write about the question itself
  3. Don`t employ too much time on Task-1 because it carry lesser weight in scoring.
  4. Make a mind map about the points you like to write about.
  5. Do not use any word from the question; it will reduce your marks
  6. Write between 275 to 300 words although limit is 250 words; writing below it will be penalized.
  7. Do not use same word again and again in the essay, use synonyms
  8. Use academic words instead of normal words. A list of Academic word can be found here.
  9. Word range for each part of the essay should be like this..Introduction-40 words, Body- 170 words, conclusion 30 words.
  10. Use complex, compound and mixed structured sentence in the essay
  11. Always use linkers like, therefore, thus etc thoroughly in the essay
  12. Check the spelling mistakes at the end of writing
The best way to do better at writing is to take proper guidance from an expert in this field. It is necessary because you will be equipped with every skills from the training before go for the real test.