Rules to Follow for Scoring Band 7 in the IELTS Listening Test

Saturday, August 03, 2013

To live in an English speaking country, you need to understand the accents of native speakers. So, knowing to read, speak & write in English doesn`t indicate a person’s potential to live in an English speaking environment. That`s exactly why the IELTS test includes a listening section which is a very important section to excel the band score.

IELTS Listening Tips

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Steadiness in the key to make better band score in the listening test. Any hurries can affect your score. If you do not read the instruction before each set of question carefully, you may lose point. 

As for example, a candidate can give answers in three word although it is instructed n the question paper to give the answer in no more than three words.

Other English language aptitude test. IELTS listening can be a very easy module for a student by focusing on some major areas which are discussed a below. 

If you are taking the exam from the British Council, there is a big chance that majority of 4 sections in the listening test will cover conversation with British accent. 

Many candidates around the world made a mistake on this regards by watching American Films to improve their listening power. Rather all should focus upon watching British films, especially documentaries and dramas from BBC channels.

Careful about the headphone in the exam room. The invigilator will make some room to test headphones of all candidates. Don`t complain the examiner after the test begins about any problem regarding your headphone, the recording will not stop as you complain and you will lose points. 

If you miss to answer any questions, rely on your guesswork. As the tape move forwards, you will find some pause times to check your answers. 

Just try to remember what`s just being said and answer the questions you have just skipped.

Finally, you should be careful about transferring answers to the answer sheet. The answer are case specific that means you should follow the uppercase and lowercase letter rules while writing. 

Generally names will be appeared n uppercase and all others in lowercase letters. It is also the best time to check for any spelling mistakes. Furthermore, don’t panic for any parts if you do not understand well and fear about any answer might be wrong, because you need to correct only 29 questions among 40s to score band 7.