Top Tips for IELTS Writing Task-2

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Do you know in which section average candidate’s scores to lowest band in the world? IELTS writing section can be a nightmare but appropriate preparation can make this section most easy one to achieve high band score.
IELTS Writing Task 2
Making the arguments stick to the content of the question with supportive explanation and example is essential with some focus on regular practice will get to you to the tract of scoring high band score.

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Time and accuracy is the key points in this test. You need to manage your allocated one hour with making minimal mistakes as best as possible.  A little brain storm is necessary to find the valid points to touch  the topic by maintaining word limit and make some room for revision. Following all this methods may look impossible but it achievable if you practice systematically and adopt the skills over time.

Here are some important tips to be successful in IELTS writing section:-
  1. Underline the keywords first: It is very important for you to identify what question ask you to describe. Don’t write anything out of your mind, stich to the question and make sure you have touched all the key points asked in the question. to do this, underline the words in the question that tell you what to do. For example, is it an opinion, discussion, problem or solution the question asked for? You can imagine that by not answering those key questions, you will definitely get low score.
  2. Make the Plan Earlier: Many candidates complain that they don`t have time to brainstorm about the topic of IELTS writing tasks. They think it is simply a waste of time but they are wrong. A pre-planning or a 5 minutes brainstorm session will help to write faster because you will have your ideas and supportive views on the tip of your pen. It will also restricts you write about anything not relevant to the topics.
  3. Use Grammar: - It is very important to use different sentence structure in IELTS writing. Express ideas by a combination of simple, complex and compound sentence is necessary. For ornamenting your writing, you should use different academic vocabulary and linking words which will definitely enrich your writing. It is also noticeable that using linking word is necessary for the IELTS Band Descriptors for Band 6 or above.
  4. Don`t Repeat Ideas: - writing the same arguments or ideas again and again by modifying sentences is not well. At the same time, try not to repeat certain words consequently. Sometimes you need to understand words exists in the question, in that case use synonyms. It shows your lexical richness, in other words, you have wide range of vocabulary that you can use very flexibly.