Who else want to learn the secrets of exploding IELTS writing score above band 7…in just 1 hour (or less) with minimum stress and zero doubt?

Dear Friend and Subscriber, 

Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb at his 10,001th attempt.

When he was asked why it took so long, he replied, “I have not failed 10,000 times.  I have successfully discovered 10,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.” 

His idea was that -- even if you try and fail, it doesn't mean that you didn't learn something.

Fast forward today, over 3 million candidates chose IELTS for higher education and global migration...and the story of Edison reminds me of some thousands among millions of those candidates who literally try to:

Discover the way to score band 7 or higher after sitting 
in 3, 5 or 7 consecutive tests!

No wonder why this technique of re-sitting the test would not work for all. In fact, it`s not a bargain at all, it`s just down-right insane.

That`s why I want to tell you a few secretive facts about scoring high in IELTS writing section.

I'll get to those details in a minute.

But first, let's start at the beginning...

A Small Step Makes the Big Difference…

Hi, I'm Sazzad Chowdhury, the founder of IELTS HELP. I worked as an IELTS teacher for many years whilst I wrote “How Not To Fear IELTS” which is still being sought today. My focus is simple; getting you the score you need as easy as possible. 

Here's is an observation that hit me so hard years ago: For an awful lot of people, times are very tough. There are plenty of people out there who are in misery with current job because earnings are way down to live an affluent life. People are scared. In many developing countries, there is a financial panic and people are struggling to get away from it.     

And in this era of globalization:

A qualified person doesn’t need to dwell in 
a miserable economic situation.

They can switch job to a better country offering better pay or migrate with skilled immigration scheme. In fact, increasing worldwide movement of people for living, education or work has created a more “core” change in our lives than all the rest of thousands years of human civilization put together.  But there remains.. 

A Wall Between You & Your Dream….…

The language test is certainly significant impediment on people`s ability to work and live in overseas.

For instance, to work as a doctor the UK, Canada or Australia, a score of at least 7.0 to 7.5 in each testing area of IELTS is mandatory. And that is difficult for many busy professionals as they can hardly manage time for IELTS preparation.

Anyway, it seems to me the people who have:

A “Prosperous Mindset” needed to survive and thrive 
even in today`s harsh realities.

You see, I started my blog because I wanted to help people. No wonder why I named my blog as “IELTS HELP”. And, I didn't feel right to sell anything to my readers.

But when I saw the flood of anxious email from my blog subscribers about their poor writing score, I felt like I needed to change my perspective.

So instead of writing regular blog post, I spent more than 18 months in research and development, and refined the entire process into a system to score higher in the IELTS writing test.

I nearly redoubled my efforts and time to make this because I wanted to make sure it worked: 

Not just for higher study seeking students, 
but for doctors, nurses and other immigration 
aspiring professionals..

Well, it may sounds like a self appraisal, it`s not.

During my probation time I was able to locate common obstacles all of us have to face with writing a band 7 or plus response. Thanks to my email subscriber who helped me a lot by sending their writing samples to point-point these common problems.

And I stumbled on many high-priced printed information packages, expensive online courses, services of mavericks teaching what they knew.

I found many of those materials bombard with "to-do-list" types of tutorials that leave candidates all dressed up with no place to go. They don't give you any:

Hyper-executable blueprint to harness 
high writing band score.

Another big category is... information that saves time! As I say before, time is the most precious commodity for all high band needing professionals. These smart winners are cheerfully ready to pay for effective teaching materials to save time.

I am taking about materials like books with substances explaining step-by-step in minute detail without phony/baloney types of filler messages.  

But for whatever reason, you rarely find them. Instead, all you see is giving you the illusion of doing this and that, but, in fact you are going nowhere.

“So, I Dig deep”.

I dig deep for a good reason. On the one hand, I didn't want people want to learn any scammy tactics.

You see, when you're looking for a very good score in your IELTS writing test, the formula for success is:

  • Task response
  • Grammatical range & accuracy
  • Lexical resources
  • Coherence & cohesion
You see these same 4 points over and over…..in different web-based and printed IELTS associated materials.

These are your four options that enrich your writing. It's a lesson none of us can afford to forget:

Task response: The first step of all good answer is to fully address all parts of the task with appropriate development. Example would include: The task ask you to discuss both views and give your own opinion- your answer focusing a single view or skipping opinion makes it unfulfilled.

Grammatical range and accuracy: Once you develop a good task response you must get it grammatically diverse and correct. Examples of the phase would include writing sentences using loads of correct grammatical forms.

Lexical resource: Once an answer cover all focal points of the task with good grammar it is time to get it filled with sophisticated less common vocabulary items that express ideas more precisely. This could be done by using uncommon lexis as “acquainted” instead of “know” when writing something like: Mass people need to be acquainted with (not – mass people need to know about ) climate change to be engaged in creating and supporting solutions.

Coherence and cohesion: The last component is to write a meaningful answer by making a smooth transition from one part of the text to another. To give this sense of coherence and cohesion, you can use a range of cohesive devices and organizational patters -helpful for writing pristine paragraphs with clarity and elegance.

And That's The Key.

As I`ve repeated this formula endless times in my blog posts, all of you know more or less about this. I've shared it with you again because I think it is important to remind these "Core Fundamentals" to make you understand what I am going to tell you next.

I wonder: How many of you know the real world ways to exploit these components in your writing? It seems…

Just 4 Broad Factors Weren't Enough.

When it comes to exploit 4 points, you`ve three options:

The First Option is to do nothing about these components and let your mind write whatever it wants to write in your IELTS writing answer sheet. You`re hurting your band score.

The Second Option is make mediocre attempts to cover these points. All average scorers do this who just likes to move on or keep things going somehow.

The Third - and Final – Option is to discover the Right Way to harness these components and use them to get a big score. This is my favorite because the right use all four components wins you a big prize.

In this final option, you`ll blend a perfect harmony of four components that is so common in all answers (very good ones) between band 8 and band 9. 

That's where my system hits in. And that's when I uncovered the truth about IELTS writing mastery.

Here's how it work with….

Three Distinct Strategies:

And each one is to boost you with more scores.

I'll explain.

Strategy #1: Avoid Digression

Before examiners think anything about your response, they`ll look for: If you write what you are asked to write. In other words, they`ll check if all question points or task requirements are addressed or not. And that's why you need to read the question carefully to cover all key points.

Secondly, they`ll check if those points are appropriately developed in an effective and convincing way with relevant, fully extended and well supported ideas. This is the area where a "7 plus band" makes the different from a lower ones.

As far as developing the key points (or topic) are concerned, most people think giving some examples and reasons will do the job. But, doing so is not good enough to achieve anything over band 7. 

You need to know the art of 
persuasive writing 
by developing marvelous arguments.

Strategy #2: Avoid repetition

When you target a top band score, it is not enough to deliver ideas with generic simple sentences again and again.

The cadence of sentences must use a variety of grammatical forms with accuracy.
To cut through above band 7, you must be smart in your approach to built long and complex sentences to communicate complex ideas in an effective way.

Therefore, you better know the sentence writing techniques that allows you to convey thoughts:

Flexibly using various structures ranges from 
complex to complex-compound blends.

Strategy #3: Don`t narrow it down

Lastly, examiners will look for whether you could transfer your thoughts into their minds. You do to by building flow of thoughts from sentence to sentence and thus giving your writing sufficient coherence and cohesion.

To accomplish this goal, most people could think of using firstly linking words...secondly linking words..thirdly liking words and so on. I fact, they can`t think beyond anything but using linking words.

But, know that you`re suppose to use different kinds cohesive devices where liking words are just one of a kind. What I means is:

Walking through the narrow alley 
would not lead you to 
the king`s palace; 
you need to walk down the boulevard.

I mean, don`t focus narrowly on only linking words; better use all different types of cohesive devices and organizational patterns to reach cohesion in your text. 

Even better you need to know how to use them naturally, so that their usage attracts no attention. I`ll be surprised that a band 9 answer has got some sort of quality like that.

Enough already - let's start to explore how you can be benefited from these information. That is...

If you want to apply above 3 strategies in your IELTS writing, all you need to do is read my new tutorial book. 

After 18 months of spending time, energy and money on research and development, I'm happy to introduce you to the best & unique formula for writing argument and making structural and cohesive variations - that you can apply for achieving over band 7 in your IELTS writing test.


“The Three Most Treasured Secrets for Exploding Your IELTS Writing Band Score.”

“The Three Most Treasured Secrets for Exploding Your IELTS Writing Band Score” is a 65 page stripped-down, highly concentrated packets of powerful knowledge to assure your top score in the IELTS writing test. 

It takes just 1 hour or less to read the full book.

I admit I can't teach you everything about IELTS writing in just one hour -- but what I can teach you will be more than enough to allow you to write on your own and bring in some serious band score.

Unless you`re brain-dead beyond belief, what you learn will allow you to quickly write a full-fledged answer by sensibly developing each of your idea. Or it can help you to write with a range of sentence structures by following a handful of grammatical rules. 

Or, you would be able to smoothly pen down your torrent of thoughts.  Or, if you want to, you can even get a bonus material that brings less common vocabularies in action in your written text. In fact…

What could you learn in 1 hour, 
could take 1 year to learn from any other sources.

And this will be the most exciting and practical hour you'll ever spend for your IELTS writing preparation!

Here's What You'll Learn:

My message is clear and to the point -- the key to making really high band is to be able to satisfy top scoring conditions outlined by the official IELTS writing band descriptors.

No matter how good you think your writing is, or well your writing get cherished in your academic or professional arena, you can only touch the zenith band score when you meet the expectations of the official IELTS writing components.
That`s why my tutorials- described in this book- are so effective. It reveals all the secrets and techniques and little known methods of the best IELTS scorers of the world.

It's not magic, and it's not crazy gimmicks or tricks. These are, in fact, the scientific bases of achievement for an IELTS candidate to deliver high band answer effectively.

Here's a complete breakdown of what you'll learn in each section...

SECTION 1: Load Your Thoughts with Verbal Dynamics in Power-Packed Arguments

  • Learning Action # 1: How to brainstorm ideas and develop an outline?
  • Learning Action # 2: How to write thoughtful and well-argued band 7 response?
  • Learning Action # 3: Master the exquisite art of writing a band 7+ response by strengthening arguments.
SECTION 2:  Sentence Variety for Sophistication- How to Capitalize on It

  • Learning Action # 1: How can you go from basic to more complex structural writing?
  • Learning Action # 2: How to use different contexts to deliver complex writing?
  • Learning Action # 3: How to combine generic sentences to deliver complex ideas?
SECTION 3:  How to Build a Spontaneous Flow in Your Writing for Strengthening Understanding Level

  • Learning Action # 1: Method that allows you to write consistent, logical ideas throughout the response.
  • Learning Action # 2: How to use little known cohesive devices to bring variation?
  • Learning Action # 3: How to use organizational patterns to show cohesion?
All of these secretive band score boosting information are guaranteed to be revealed to you in this book. By applying all these disclosed methods, you can dazzle the examiner by getting the ideas down with a range of sentence structures. 

And believe it or not, you'll also double your ability to set down your thoughts in written words - in clear, compelling English that are your gateway to earn a big score.

O.K. Now I have to brag a little. I don`t mind it as it`s necessary-because nobody cares about something until they spend something on it..

Although this book can mean a fortune to you, it is priced at only $14.95.

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P.S. I forget to mention. Remember, when I said: People re-sit IELTS test again and again for improving writing score...I was not exaggerating at all. 

Read this news and it`ll give you a real world example where someone spend a staggering $8,000 on 20 consecutive tests and couching so far to achieve only band 7 in IELTS writing section! 

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